Mike Kent

Mike is a consultant specializing in technology for in musical instruments and professional audio/video. Mike is the principal architect of MIDI 2.0, Chairman of the MIDI 2.0 Working Group, and co-author of USB MIDI 1.0 & 2.0. Mike brings a strong understanding of market focused product development and is able to bridge between the two worlds of sales and engineering. Mike filled international roles for Roland R&D for over 20 years, in product development, business development, while managing strategic relationships and technology licensing. Mike has consulted to Yamaha, Apple, Roland, Musescore, Artiphon, Russell Jewelers, Shure, Iz Technology, NASA’s Ames Research Center, and General Dynamics for the US Coast Guard.

Contact: https://mk2audio.com/contact/ or https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikekent1/

Michael Loh

Michael is a Senior Electrical and Computer Engineer specializing in bring ideas from concept through to production. From telecommunications to amusement ride systems, Michael has a breadth of experience delivering technical innovations to industry and consumers. As the founder and former CTO of iConnectivity, Michael is well versed in music and audio technology and can apply his skills in Systems Engineering, hardware and software development to bring further innovation to the industry. As the principal consultant of DBML Group Inc., Michael provides his technical expertise and services to his customers.
You can reach Michael at info@DBML-Group.com.

Andrew Mee

Andrew is a Business Operations Software and MIDI 2.0 Consultant, and is the leading architect of Property Exchange in MIDI 2.0. Andrew has worked in a variety of industries such as Music Technology, Education, Business Automation and Payment Processing; with a focus on Database (SQL and NoSQL), Web technology and API’s integrations between different businesses and technologies.
Current clients include Yamaha Corporation of America, 8eo Inc, CapableCo, Prohelp Australia.
You can reach Andrew at andrew@mipex.io

A Collective of Expert Consultants

MK2 Audio can bring together a team of world leading experts for your project. These associates each have an impressive background and independently operate their own successful consulting firms. We have all worked closely together on multiple projects. We are each happy to work on your project individually or as a team.